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Before App Support Ninja: Website updates, tech support, and security updates were delayed, regular downtime, slow loading speed and people were stressed.

After App Support Ninja: All issues and bugs are dealt quickly, detailed
reporting is in place, progress is clear, and extra support is always available.

Experienced Agency + Secure Process = Less stress for you

Understanding the businesses we work with allows us to stay ahead of the curb. Early access to news and events helps us apply the latest and best practices to your website. We understand how they work and what needs to be done for your business to succeed online.

Web Maintenance Service

We do everything related to Web Maintenance right here.

Website Updates & Changes

Whether you need small improvements to an existing site or have a repair or compatibility issue, our team can resolve your issues quickly and effectively.


Website Security

We carry out regular, weekly and monthly security scans, error and vulnerability reports to fix those on time.


Optimization and Speed

We will help improve the performance of your website to create an ideal site experience for your visitors.


Routine Website Backup

Quick weekly, monthly and regular backups facility available to protect & secure your website investment.


Transparent Reporting

Get Incident reports with root cause analysis and support team performance and workload reports.


Server Up Time Monitoring

Our website hosting service makes sure that your website is not down at any moment & fixing any errors.


Managed Support Services

We not only address issues such as minor bugs or security fixes, but also look into proactive opportunities for improvement.

Website maintenance packages for every size business

Looking for monthly website maintenance packages? Save time and costly expenses on your website each month with continuous improvements. We keep your site up-to-date and secure by handling all the monitoring and maintenance.

Package Benefits




Website & application monitoring

Customer care area

Small site hosting

Website patches and upgrades

Monthly full site backup stored

At 3rd party location

Priority turnaround time

Graphic/web design support

Dedicated project manager

Roll over hours

Site analytics

New features enhancements

Code audit

Speed Optimization

Monthly innovation session






Flexibility & Freedom


Get your hours back. Let us handle your web maintenance needs. You sit back enjoy your available free time.

You Own It

This is your website your vision. We are here to protect and enhance your investment. A small price for security and reliability.


Available just about 24/7 We understand not everyone works a 9-5. We make sure we are available during the moonlight hours as well.

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Simple pricing plans. Unlimited web maintenance service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to the tasks required to keep a website up to date and relevant. Routine website maintenance will also ensure that your website performs optimally and is a safe and secure space for your visitors. Website maintenance involves regular audits to check for any issues and correcting them in a timely manner. Website maintenance also includes making new updates to your website to improve functionality and visitor experience through new features and updates to the current design.

Why is it important to maintain your website?

Regularly updating your website is critical for maintaining a great user experience and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. A lack of maintenance can lead to issues with outdated software, website downtime, website security, and poor performance.

How often does my website need to be updated?

It is important to ensure your website is updated on a recurring basis. A website maintenance team can help ensure that all of the tasks that need to be done weekly, monthly, and annually are taken care of.

What is included each month in a website maintenance package?

Golpik provides flexible website maintenance and support packages depending on your business needs and budget. Each package includes access to a dedicated support team of strategists, designers, developers, and hosting experts all at one rate. We also provide you with access to our full team by email, phone, or through our app so you can get the support you need immediately. Our packages range from 10-80 hours of support monthly and include the following benefits:

  • Website & application monitoring
  • Customer care area
  • Small site hosting
  • Site patches and upgrades
  • Monthly full-site backup stored at 3rd party location
  • Priority turnaround time
  • Graphic/web design support
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Roll over hours
  • Site analytics
  • Application development
  • Code audit
  • Monthly innovation session
What is the difference between website support and maintenance?

Website support can be defined as fixing or identifying specific or potential issues with a website, such as debugging, broken software, backups, and ongoing monitoring. Website maintenance is defined as making proactive changes that help prevent potential issues from occurring. Website maintenance updates could include development updates, changes to content, installation of security software, improvements to functionality, or changes to a website’s design. When evaluating a digital agency, you will want to check if they offer both support and maintenance. This will ensure that issues are not only identified and resolved quickly, but also that improvements are made proactively for a better user experience.

Should my hosting provider do my website maintenance?

Website hosting and website maintenance might sound similar, but it is important not to confuse the two. Managed hosting provides the server for your website, ensuring that your website performs well for your visitors. Your hosting provider should take care of any troubleshooting, perform routine back ups, and install any security software, as well as 24/7 monitoring to prevent downtime and potential issues with data loss.

Website maintenance is a bit more complex, and includes all the elements that need to be updated, designed, or fixed on your website. This includes elements such as content management, coding updates, changes in functionality, or updates to your website design. A good website maintenance company will take the hassle out of trying to update the design or change certain features on your website.

What are the advantages of managed support?

It might seem like an additional expense, but hiring a website maintenance expert will ensure that your website stays up to date while allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.  Website maintenance requires frequent evaluation to identify any issues or opportunities for improvements. If any issues arise, they need to be addressed immediately or your website can potentially be at risk for data loss, which can be even more expensive to correct if it goes unnoticed. Having someone that provides managed support for your website will ensure that any potential issues are identified and addressed immediately, giving business owners peace of mind that their website will stay relevant and up to date. These types of professionals handle these types of tasks everyday, so they will also have the tools and skills required to handle any new issues that might arise in a timely manner. This will not only save you time, but can also save you money trying to educate yourself on how to resolve website related issues yourself.

What is the turnaround time for website support issues?

Golpik  offers 24/7 website maintenance services. Our turnaround time for most support issues is usually 24 hours with access to a dedicated support team. With over 10 years of experience in website maintenance for a number of different industries, we understand how to address issues in a timely manner, as well as provide proactive feedback on ways to improve your website to help increase traffic and improve visitor engagement.

Who owns my website files?

You want to make sure that when choosing a website maintenance company that there is a clause in the contract that transfers ownership of your website’s files to you after all payments have ended and the contract is completed. You want to make sure that you will be the owner or your website’s content should you choose to make any updates in the future or change maintenance providers. Some cheap website maintenance providers might provide great rates, but might trap you with a huge fee for file ownership once your contract has ended. When you are making payments to a website maintenance provider you may not technically own the files during this time, but after your written commitment has ended, these files will need to belong to you.